Tuesday, August 4, 2015 7:00 p.m.
Stanford Memorial Church
Please join us for a special farewell performance before we embark on our tour to Argentina. We will share a broad palette of music in Buenos Aires, Mendoza, and at the International Choral Festival in San Juan, against the backdrop of the majestic Andes Mountains. We are delighted to share this music with you before the tour!

Admission is FREE!
Nigra SumPau (Pablo) Casals 1876-1973composed in 1966
The Lord is my shepherdRandall Thompson 1899-1984composed in 1964
Oración del remansoJorge Fandermole
arr: Eduardo Ferraudi
commissioned by the PWC; composed in 2014
Aires de Quisqueyaarr: Pascale Denis/Laurina VasqueDominican folk song
Tuisk ("Blizzard") from Talvemustrid ("Winter Patterns")Veljo Tormis 1930-2017 from Talvemustrid ("Winter Patterns"}
Kollane leek ("Yellow Flame") from Kevadkillud ("Spring Sketches")Veljo Tormis 1930-2017 from Kevadkillud ("Spring Sketches")
Põuailm ("Dry Weather") from Suvemotiivid ("Summer Motifs")Veljo Tormis 1930-2017 from Suvemotiivid ("Summer Motifs")
Kanarbik ("Heather") from Sügismaastikud ("Autumn Landscapes")Veljo Tormis 1930-2017 from Sügismaastikud ("Autumn Landscapes")
Jubilate Deo from "3 Meditations for Women's Chorus"Charles Griffin 1968-composed in 1995
Songs of NightKirstina Rasmussen 1976-Commissioned by PWC. Poetry by Francisco Alarcón. Night, Oportunidad, Ololiuhqui, Antigua Canción
Thou Famished GraveStacy Garrop 1969-commissioned by the PWC; composed in 2007
Ain'-a That Good Newsarr: William L. Dawsonarranged in 1974
Healing RiverFred Hellerman 1927-
arr: Sheena Phillips
arranged in 2006
Cape Breton LullabyKenneth Leslie 1892-1974
arr: Stuart Calvert
Amazing Gracearr: Ron Jeffers