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Mostly Made in America
Mostly Made in America (2015) This CD is an homage to the musical heritage of America, giving voice to celebration, uncertainty, the spirit of struggle, as well as the tranquility and familiarity of the sounds of home. Featured on the CD are some the PWC's signature and most intimate performances, including the heart-wrenching "Let Evening Come," the battling interludes of "Thou Famished Grave," the intricate and exuberant "Venite Exultemus Domino" and the well-loved Songs of Night, commissioned to celebrate Artistic Director Martín Benvenuto's tenth anniversary with the PWC in 2013.
Mostly Made in America can also be downloaded from iTunes and Amazon, where you can listen to audio clips from the CD.
Nature Pictures CD
Nature Pictures (2010) In this CD, the PWC celebrates a close relationship with prominent Estonian composer, Veljo Tormis. Influenced by his deep conviction that ancient song traditions reflect a close connection to nature, Tormis presents the four seasons in 36 miniatures of intense choral imagery in his song cycles, Looduspildid (Nature Pictures). We are proud to present the first American recording of this cycle! This eclectic CD continues the theme with Karl Korte's "Spring", Chen Yi's "Looking at the Sea" and Samuel Barber's "To be Sung on the Water." Also included are Edward Elgar's "The Snow" and Kenneth Leslie's lovely "Cape Breton Lullaby," a PWC favorite.
Nature Pictures can also be downloaded from iTunes and, where you can listen to audio clips from the CD.
Winter Patterns CD
Winter Patterns (2006) This holiday-themed CD is our first release with Martín Benvenuto as executive producer. The title is the English translation of Talvemustrid, Estonian composer Veljo Tormis’ blustery series that depicts moments in winter. Also featuring William Mathias' joyous Salvator Mundi, A Carol Sequence, Einojuhani Rautavaara's haunting “Suite” de Lorca, and Daniel Pinkham's lively Christmas Cantata, this holiday CD will become a favorite all through the year!
EarthTones CD
EarthTones (2004) is a tribute to our late conductor Patricia Hennings and her love of music and nature. From the sublime "O viridissima virga" by Hildegard von Bingen to Libby Larsen's soaring "Psalm 121" to Lojze Lebic's spine-tingling "Urok," the CD showcases a wide array of pieces that spans seven centuries, but collectively celebrates nature and the Earth's beauty.
Carols and Lullabies
Carols and Lullabies (2000) is the PWC's fourth CD and our second holiday CD featuring festive choral music. Conrad Susa's Lullabies and Carols of the Southwest, an audience and chorus favorite from our December 1999 concerts, is the CD's centerpiece. Also included are Randall Thompson's traditional choral favorites "Carol of the Rose" and "Alleluia," Jozsef Karai's powerful "Hodie Christus Natus est," Ramona Luengen's beautiful "Missa Brevis," and David Conte's "Christmas Intrada."
Carols and Lullabies can also be downloaded from iTunes and, where you can listen to audio clips from the CD.
Songs of the Spirit
Songs of the Spirit (1999) features inspirational music ranging from the vocal orchestra arrangements of "Song of Survival" to the scintillating contemporary works of Ron Jeffers and Lou Harrison. For those who have requested a recording of Dvorak's powerful "Largo," Johansson's shimmering "Examine Me," R. Murray Schafer's exotic "Snowforms," or the PWC's favorite "Shenandoah," this CD is for you!
Alleluia Psallat
Alleluia Psallat (1997) features 28 glorious selections of Christmas music from medieval to modern. Highlights include the "Pastoral Symphony" by Handel, "Caritas abundat" by Hildegard von Bingen, selections from Ceremony of Carols by Benjamin Britten, Bach's "In dulci jubilo" arranged for piano and performed by Josephine Gandolfi, and several pieces from Seven Joys of Christmas by Kirke Mechem.
Treasures, the PWC's first compact disc, has been a hit with old fans and new friends. While paying homage to the past, this recording focuses on recent treasures from composers around the world. From the 15th century to the 20th, from America to Sweden, Treasures includes great works that highlight the beauty and strength of women's voices.
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