EarthTones CD
EarthTones (2004) is a tribute to our late conductor Patricia Hennings and her love of music and nature. From the sublime "O viridissima virga" by Hildegard von Bingen to Libby Larsen's soaring "Psalm 121" to Lojze Lebic's spine-tingling "Urok," the CD showcases a wide array of pieces that spans seven centuries, but collectively celebrates nature and the Earth's beauty.
1 Psalm 121  Libby Larsen 1950- Psalm 121
2 I Thank You God  Gwyneth Walker 1947- I Thank You God
3 O viridissima virga  Hildegard von Bingen 1098-1179 O viridissima virga
4 O viridissima virga  Emma Lou Diemer 1927- O viridissima virga
5 Celebremus  Ramona Luengen 1960- Celebremus
6 Odysseus and the Sirens  H. Garrett Phillips 1941- Odysseus and the Sirens
7 Viriditas  Joan Szymko 1957- Viriditas
8 I Just Lightning  Libby Larsen 1950- I Just Lightning
9 Urok  Lojze Lebic 1934- Urok
10 Mouth Music  arr: Dolores Keane/John Faulkner Mouth Music
11 Tjak!  Stephen Hatfield 1956- Tjak!
12 Nginani Na  Caroline Lyon Ngi nanina
13 Shenandoah  arr: James Erb/Patricia Hennings Shenandoah