Songs of the Spirit
Songs of the Spirit (1999) features inspirational music ranging from the vocal orchestra arrangements of "Song of Survival" to the scintillating contemporary works of Ron Jeffers and Lou Harrison. For those who have requested a recording of Dvorak's powerful "Largo," Johansson's shimmering "Examine Me," R. Murray Schafer's exotic "Snowforms," or the PWC's favorite "Shenandoah," this CD is for you!
1 Examine Me, Psalm 139  Bengt Johansson 1914-1989 Examine me, Psalm 139
2 Ave Maria  David MacIntyre 1952- Ave Maria
3 Largo, from the "New World" Symphony  Antonin Dvorak 1841-1904
arr: Margaret Dryburgh/Norah Chambers
Largo from the "New World" Symphony
4 Minuet in G  Ludwig van Beethoven 1770-1827
arr: Margaret Dryburgh/Norah Chambers
Minuet in G
5 First Movement, Unfinished Symphony  Franz Schubert 1797-1828
arr: Margaret Dryburgh/Norah Chambers
The Unfinished Symphony
6 Pastoral Symphony  G.F. Handel 1685-1759
arr: Margaret Dryburgh
Pastoral Symphony
7 Raindrop Prelude  Frédéric Chopin 1810-1849
arr: Margaret Dryburgh
Prelude #15 "The Raindrop"
8 Londonderry Air  Traditional
arr: Margaret Dryburgh/Norah Chambers
Londonderry Air
9 Captive's Hymn  Margaret Dryburgh 1890-1945 The Captive's Hymn
10 Whitman "Credo"  Ron Jeffers 1943- Whitman "Credo"
11 Snowforms  R. Murray Schafer 1933- Snowforms
12 Indian Singing: 1. In Dreams (part 1)  Ron Jeffers 1943- Indian Singing
13 Indian Singing: 1. In Dreams (part 2)  Ron Jeffers 1943- Indian Singing
14 Indian Singing: 2. We Wake the Day  Ron Jeffers 1943- Indian Singing
15 Indian Singing: 3. Sehia:rak I  Ron Jeffers 1943- Indian Singing
16 Indian Singing: 3. Sehia:rak II  Ron Jeffers 1943- Indian Singing
17 Indian Singing: 3. Sehia:rak III  Ron Jeffers 1943- Indian Singing
19 Here is Holiness  Lou Harrison Here is Holiness
20 Shenandoah, American Folksong  arr: James Erb/Patricia Hennings Shenandoah