Treasures, the PWC's first compact disc, has been a hit with old fans and new friends. While paying homage to the past, this recording focuses on recent treasures from composers around the world. From the 15th century to the 20th, from America to Sweden, Treasures includes great works that highlight the beauty and strength of women's voices.
No longer available
1 Domine, Non Sum Dignus  Tomas Luis de Victoria 1549-1611 Domine, Non Sum Dignus
2 Hymn to the Waters  Gustav Holst 1874-1934 Hymn to the Waters
3 In Praise of Music  David Conte 1955- In Praise of Music
4 Hosanna  David Conte 1955- Hosanna
5 Who Cannot Weep, Come Learn of Me  Libby Larsen 1950- Who Cannot Weep, Come Learn of Me
6 The Blue Eye of God  Nancy Telfer The Blue Eye of God
7 Pie Jesu  Michael Cleveland 1937- Pie Jesu
8 Gloria  Agneta Sk├Âld 1947- Gloria
9 Good Cheer  Brian Holmes 1946- Good Cheer
10 Suoni  Knut Nystedt 1915- Suoni
11 Shells  Knut Nystedt 1915- Shells