"Earth Tones" - Spring Concerts 2001
Psalm 121Libby Larsen 1950-Commissioned by the PWC
Here is HolinessLou Harrison
Nigra SumPau (Pablo) Casals 1876-1973composed in 1966
Laudate DominumFelix Mendelssohn 1809-1847
Examine me, Psalm 139Bengt Johansson 1914-1989
Venite exultemus DominoAntonio Russo 1934-composed in 1997
I Thank You GodGwyneth Walker 1947-text by e.e. cummings, written 1998
Dos CantosRon Jeffers 1943-2017Music and Poetry Project. composed in 1999
I Just LightningLibby Larsen 1950-Athapascan-Navajo text, English version by Henry Munn
Artsa alinuarr: Nina Gilbert
Shenandoaharr: James Erb/Patricia HenningsAmerican folk song arranged for the PWC 1981
Mouth Musicarr: Dolores Keane/John Faulkner
Ngi naninaCaroline Lyon