"Take Up the Song" - Spring 2002
O viridissima virgaHildegard von Bingen 1098-1179
Duo SeraphimTomas Luis de Victoria 1549-1611
Sound the TrumpetHenry Purcell 1659-1695
Pueri HebraeorumRandall Thompson 1899-1984
AlleluiaRandall Thompson 1899-1984from The Place of the Blest
Largo from the "New World" SymphonyAntonin Dvorak 1841-1904
arr: Margaret Dryburgh/Norah Chambers
Song of Survival, 1943 Sumatra, 1942
Pastoral SymphonyG.F. Handel 1685-1759
arr: Margaret Dryburgh
Song of Survival, 1943
Tece Voda Tecearr: Deems Taylor
Der 23. PsalmFranz Schubert 1797-1828
Psalm 121Libby Larsen 1950-Commissioned by the PWC
Pie JesuMichael Cleveland 1937-
Da pacem DomineHåkan Olsson 1961-
Salmo 150Ernani Aguiar 1949-
Mila begiJavier Busto 1949-words by Inazio Mujika, in memoriam: Patricia Hennings
ShellsKnut Nystedt 1915-words by Kathleen Raine
Tjak!Stephen Hatfield 1956-
The Milky WayDavid Conte 1955-from The Dreamers
Candles in the WildernessDavid Conte 1955-from The Dreamers
The Winged Joy - 4. A FarewellKirke Mechem 1925-
I Shall Keep Singing!Brian Holmes 1946-for the Peninsula Women’s Chorus in memory of Patty Hennings, words by Emily Dickinson
Dos CantosRon Jeffers 1943-2017Music and Poetry Project. composed in 1999
JabberwockyRon Jeffers 1943-2017words by Lewis Carroll, commissioned by the PWC
Take Up the SongRon Jeffers 1943-2017words by Edna St. Vincent Millay; world premiere 1999 with Elektra; US premiere by the PWC 2000
Wonfa NyemAnonymoussong from Ghana, edited by Abraham K. Adzenyah