Sunday, April 30, 2017 2:00 p.m.
Mission Santa Clara, 500 El Camino Real, Santa Clara, CA
In the parlance of explorers, True North refers to the absolute point where longitude lines converge in the North, marked by the North Star. Over the centuries, it has been a guide for displaced travelers driven by the human desire to find home. With the closing performance of this very special season, we invite you, our singers, alumnae, and audience home to the PWC — to our True North.
Favorites such as the lyrical Schubert’s Psalm 23, the courageous Song of Survival repertoire, and Ron Jeffers’ jazzy and whimsical Jabberwocky (commissioned by the family of PWC "founding member" Anne Anderson) will join several new PWC commissions in this anniversary spring concert. The SSAA arrangement of Harriet Tubman by Kathleen McGuire calls us to action. We welcome back British composer Cecilia McDowall with another PWC commission. And a special world premiere by Eric Tuan interweaves themes of displacement, exile, and homecoming in centuries past as well as in our modern-day Silicon Valley. The sweetly nostalgic Cape Breton Lullaby will complete the cycle as the PWC opens the gates to the next fifty years.
Concert Teaser:
Der 23. PsalmFranz Schubert 1797-1828
The Captive's HymnMargaret Dryburgh 1890-1945Sumatra, 1942
Largo from the "New World" SymphonyAntonin Dvorak 1841-1904
arr: Margaret Dryburgh/Norah Chambers
Song of Survival, 1943 Sumatra, 1942
JabberwockyRon Jeffers 1943-2017words by Lewis Carroll, commissioned by the PWC
Come home little sisterCecilia McDowall 1951-commissioned by the PWC
Vivos VocoJoan Szymko 1957-
Mu süda ärka ülesCyrillus Kreek 1889-1962
Peace upon you JerusalemArvo Pärt 1935-
Lauliku lapsepõliVeljo Tormis 1930-2017
displacement: I. How shall we sing the Lord's songEric Tuan 1990-commissioned by the PWC
displacement: II. Overheard in Silicon ValleyEric Tuan 1990-commissioned by the PWC
displacement: III. I am a poor wayfaring strangerEric Tuan 1990-commissioned by the PWC
displacement: IV. Frosty nightEric Tuan 1990-commissioned by the PWC
displacement: V. San FranciscoEric Tuan 1990-commissioned by the PWC
Harriet TubmanWalter Robinson
arr: Kathleen McGuire
commissioned by the PWC
I'm going' up a yonderWalter Hawkins 1949-2010
arr: Martin Sirvatka
Cape Breton LullabyKenneth Leslie 1892-1974
arr: Stuart Calvert