Saturday, December 6, 2014 2:30 p.m.
Saturday, December 13, 2014 2:30 p.m.*

St Mark's Episcopal Church, 600 Colorado Ave, Palo Alto, CA
*Post-concert Holiday Sing-Along
Sunday, December 7, 2014 7:00 p.m.
Valley Presbyterian Church, 945 Portola Rd., Portola Valley, CA
Program Highlights: The exquisite Nigra Sum by Pablo Casals; selections by revered Estonian composer Veljo Tormis; the unique and joyous There is no Rose by Joshua Himes; Tomorrow Shall Be My Dancing Day arranged by John Rutter, and the serene and beautiful Stille Nacht.
Advent is the season for change, a time of preparation and transition.

Opening the doors to PWC's 2014 holiday season is a musical journey through the points of change represented by the Advent season. Portal to the Season features selections by Estonian composer Vejo Tormis from our recent CD, Nature Pictures, depicting the passing of seasons. Returning to the program is Pablo Casals' exquisite Nigra Sum, where he says it best: "The rain is over and gone....the season of pruning has come."

The second half of the program will feature unique and joyous holiday music, including American composer Joshua Himes' There is no Rose, John Rutter's arrangement of Tomorrow Shall Be My Dancing Day, and ending with the serene and beautiful Stille Nacht. Join us in welcoming the colors of a new season!

Concert Teaser:

KRON-4 Television Interview:
Veni DomineFelix Mendelssohn 1809-1847composed in 1830
Venite exultemus DominoAntonio Russo 1934-composed in 1997
Cradle SongCecilia McDowall 1951-composed in 2005
Cedit, HyemsAbbie Betinis 1980-composed in 2003
Tuisk ("Blizzard") from Talvemustrid ("Winter Patterns")Veljo Tormis 1930-2017 from Talvemustrid ("Winter Patterns"}
Kollane leek ("Yellow Flame") from Kevadkillud ("Spring Sketches")Veljo Tormis 1930-2017 from Kevadkillud ("Spring Sketches")
Põuailm ("Dry Weather") from Suvemotiivid ("Summer Motifs")Veljo Tormis 1930-2017 from Suvemotiivid ("Summer Motifs")
Kanarbik ("Heather") from Sügismaastikud ("Autumn Landscapes")Veljo Tormis 1930-2017 from Sügismaastikud ("Autumn Landscapes")
EucharisticaPau (Pablo) Casals 1876-1973composed in 1934
Nigra SumPau (Pablo) Casals 1876-1973composed in 1966
To MorningAllan Bevan 1951-poem by Willliam Blake. composed in 1995
MagnificatChristine Donkin 1976-
The Huron Carolarr: Allan Bevanarranged in 2003
There is no RoseJoshua B. Himes 1987-composed in 2013
Pat-a-PanShawn Kirchnerarranged in 2013
Il est né le divin enfantarr: John Rutterarranged in 1980
Tomorrow shall be my dancing dayarr: John Rutter
Stille NachtFranz Xaver Gruber 1787-1863
arr: Matthias Bretschneider